Lifesciences is an exceptionally broad discipline encompassing specialities as diverse as microbiology, as deep as biochemistry and as helthy as nutrition and dietetics. A skilled knowledge in lifesciences improves quality of human life. Research in lifesciences brings home nutritious food, healthy life, reduced risk of diseases,immune boosters,etc.So entry into lifesciences makes oneself ecofriendly which is inherited from generations The department was born in 1985which is strong and always introduces experimental and innovative curriculum to the students .Since inception of autonomy in 1987 the department has organized restructured course in microbiology for college lecturers-2000,nutritioin symposium-2009,diet exhibitions during national nutrition week and national seminar on application of bioinformatics-2010, Osteoarthritis in women a state level seminar, workshops on phytochemical analysis, DNA finger printing techniques, Protein assay techniques and a UGC sponsored National seminar 2014, introduction of M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition in 2016 etc for its credit.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

S.No Name Of Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Teaching Experience Specialization Photo
1 Dr.P.Jyothi Kumari M.Sc, Ph.D HOD Associate professor 20 Food Science and Nutrition
2 Ms.Ch.Sushma M.Sc Lecturer 3 Dietetics
3 Ms. V. Vijaya Kala M.Sc Lecturer 1 -
4 Ms. G. Swapna M.Sc Lecturer - - -
5 Ms. Fathima M.Sc Lecturer - - -
6 Mis CH. Havila M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 6 General Microbiology

Dept.of Microbiology:

S.No Name Of Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Teaching Experience Specialization Photo
1 Mrs.A.Padmavathi,M.phil,(Ph.D.) Lecturer 20 Applied Microbiology
2 Mrs.Y.Neeraja M.Sc, M.Phil,(Ph.D.) Lecturer 16 General Microbiology
3 Sr.P.Sunila Rani M.Sc, B.Ed (Ph.D.) Lecturer 9 General Microbiology
4 Ms.Ripsee.R M.Sc B.Ed Lecturer 6 General Microbiology

Dept.Of Biochemistry:

S.No Name Of Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Teaching Experience Specialization Photo
1 Mrs.D.Lumbini devi M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed Lecturer 8 BioTechnology
2 MISS.D .Alekhya M.Sc. Lecturer 4 Biochemistry

Mrs. A. Padmavathi, HOD, Department of Microbiology:

DST funded project on Physico chemical and microbiological analysis of water in uplands of W.G.Dist

  • An UGC Minor Research Project on “Prevelance of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria in West Godavari district” is sanctioned to Mrs. A. Padmavathi, HOD, Department of Microbiology on 1st February, 2013.
  • Ongoing UGC Minor Research Project on on Isolation and optimization of polygalacturonase producing bacteria from commercial crops of WG.Dist.


  • National Seminar-“Applications of Bioinformatics 2010”
  • State Level Seminar-“Osteoarthritis In Women 2010”
  • National Sminar-“Nutritional Defeciencies In Childhood-Challenges And Future Prosepctives”2015, 13TH & 14TH FEB 2015-ugc SPONSORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “Nutritional defencies in child hood-challenges and future perspectives” organized by Dept of Home science,applied sciences in collaboration with GMR varalakshmi foundation & women and child welfare Dept.
  • ”Food An Oozing Pore For Every Charm”
  • Preservation Of Fruits And Vegetables
  • Phytochemical Analysis
  • Dna Isolation And Pcr
  • ”Protein Purificationtechniques” By Synteny Lifesciences ,Hyderabad.-2016
  • Thyrocare,Abott,Thyroid Test” 2016
  • -Symposium on “Disseminating Correct Normns In Feeding Infants And Young Children And In Emergencies 2009”
  • Cc On “Food And Nutrition”-2011
  • Cc On “Applied Biotechnology”
  • Cc On “Clinical And Medical Lab Technology”
  • Cc On “Bioinstrumentation”
  • Cc On “Industrial Biochemistry”
  • Cc On “Plant Tissue Culture”
  • Cc On “Clinical Laboratory Practices”
  • Cc On “Bakery And Confectionary”
  • Applied Biosciences Offered Diverse Range Of C.Cs In The Last 5 Years With 2 Credits(40hrs)

Department Sponsers Following Awards Every Year

  • Dr.Jyothikumari,Hod-Sri K.S..Paul Memorial Award –For Deserving Student In Nutrition.
  • Dr.Mrs.A.Padmaja-Dr.Cv.G.Krishna Rao Memorial Award-For A Merit Student In Nutrition.
  • Mrs.Y.Neeraja-Late Kommini Joji And Anna Theresa Memorial Cash Award-For Catholic Merit Student In Applied Sciences(2012-2013)>/b>
  • Sri Yarramala Bala George memorial & smt. Seetharavamma gold medal donated by her daughter & son in law Mrs. Neeraja Anil kommini, Lecturer in microbiology to the student who obtains 1st rank in UG microbiology(2013-14)
  • Mrs.Marthamma .P.Memorial Gold Medal-By Dr.Mrs.P.Jyothi Paul,Hod-For First Rank In Biological Sciences.
  • 2015 -2016 –Educational Tour To “Banglore-CFTRI,Mysore,Coorg”
  • 2016-20170-Educational Tour To Kerala,Tea And Chocolate Industries At Ooty,Kunoor And Munnar”
  • 2005-2006-Field Visit To “ICRISAT,CCMB,NIN-Hyd”
S.No. Year Places visited
1 2012-2013 Ice plant, Carpet industry(Eluru) Andhra university (Vizag)
2 2013-2014 Delta sugars( Hanuman junction ),Oil palm research centre(Pedavegi)
3 2014-15 Ambica darbar batties(satrampadu),Ruchi soyabean industry , Industrial Estates Eluru
4 2015-16 Field Visit To Tissue Culture Lab,Venkataramannagudem
5 2015-16 Vijaya Milk Chilling Centre,Bhimadole
6 2016-17 Cashewnut Processing Unit,Vijayarai.
  • Credit transfer programme – with KVK , YSR Horticulture University, Venkataramannagudem
  • Student Projects- Inter deparmental and collaborative Projects
  • Organize Health and Diet Exhibition
  • Knowledge Extensions
  • Student Assignments- Monographs.
  • Wall Magazine
  • Festival-Special Kiosks
  • Journal Clubs
  • Department Open Day-Labs Open For School Children From Neighbouring Villages.
  • Mobile Lab-Experiments-In Schools ,Health Centres,Hospitals,Anganwadies,-In Collaboration With Icds , Adopted Villages
  • Demos on Nutritious Convenient Recipe Preparation For Doctors In Asram
  • Nutribel- A Nutri Kiosk

Community Services:

Apart from AICUF,NSS and Women cell this department is actively involved in community building activities too.

  • A Project was taken up in collaboration with CARE India- on Behavioural change practices of young children in ICDS project area in West Godawari Dist.
  • Organized Nutrition Activist training programme for a week for women members Under MEPMA, W.G.Dt ( a residential programme)
  • Observation of National nutrition week every year from 1-7th Sep –during which diet exhibitions , guest talks to students, motivational talks to Anganwadi workers, Low cost recipe contests and low cost nutritious recipe demonstration in local communities, and health camps are the significant features.
  • A Mega health camp and Edu-fest was conducted on the eve of Diamond Jubilee year of the college.
  • Breastfeeding week is observed from Aug 1-7th , during which awareness on importance of breast feeding week talks in Primary health centres, hospitals and communities are organized.
  • Nutritional status assessment of children of rag pickers is done on the eve of children’s day and distribute nutritious food on that day and also organize entertainment and educative fun filled activities are organized.
  • Department of Nutrition is actively involved in Mission Nutrition a State level programme in collaboration with UNICEF.
  • A Thyrocare programme was organized in collaboration with Abott India for the staff and students at a subsidized price.
  • Nutrition education for AIDS , Diabetes, hypertension, Obesity and pregnancy and lactation are a few to mention for extended community services.
S.No Name Of equipment Model DesignationDate & Year of Purchased Amount Rs.
1 Water Bath with 6 holes (2)___Condemmed Brighten 96-97 2x3,250=6,500
2 Laminar air flow chamber with glass Greater 97-98 66,440
3 Research medical microscope(10) Greater 3.02.99 10x3,450=34,500
4 Research binocular microscope Greater 3.02.99 7,402
5 Photoelectric calorimeter Systronics-suvarna 98-99 5,800
6 Autoclave vertical Technico 98-99 16,000
7 Single pan electrical balance Dhona 30-8-99 8,800
8 Hot air oven Yorco 4.4.98 12,760
9 Digital pH meter Systronics 9.8.2000 7,199
10 Olympus microscope(5) Olympus 13.11.2000 5x8,586=42,930
11 Overhead Projector,Screen,Bulb - 21.3.2001 10,150
12 Electronic balance Digital 21.3.2001 24,000
13 Binocular Research Microscope Digital 21.3.2001 23,503
14 Inoculation chamber - 27.04.2002 19,440
15 Digital Vs.Spectrophotometer Systronics 8.10.2002 37,692
16 Anaerobic Culture Jar MAC 4.11.2003 11,780
17 Student projection microscope - 4.11.03 13,254
18 Double Distillation plant ISGW 20.3.04 20,272
19 Autoclave,Vertical SISCO 14.10.05 25,519
20 Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate - 14.10.05 5,669
21 Paper chromatography chamber Lorven 29.3.05 7,200
22 Paper electrophoresis kit electron power pack Lorven 29.3.05 16,250
23 High speed cooling centrifuge Remi(suvarna) 20.01.06 1,30,350
24 Toppan electronic balance Suvarna 31.3.06 31,000
25 Micro wave oven Suvarna 31.3.06 9,100
26 TLC kit accessories Suvarna 4.7.2008 6,600
27 Calorimeter Digital E1 4.7.2008 5,985
28 PH meter – systronics Lorwen 5.7.2009 6,844
29 Agarose gel electrophoresis Suvarna 5.7.2009 10,000
30 Electrically differentiated blood cell counter Suvarna - 5,600
31 Digital Hb meter Suvarna 4.8.2011 18,0000
32 SDS page genei Suvarna - 7,415
33 Rotary shaker Suvarna - 23,800
34 B.O.D. Incubator Brighten - 33,930
35 Incubator Brighten - 6,995
36 PCR - - -
37 Fermentor - - -

Staff Exchange Programmes- Mrs.Y.Neeraja ,Lecturer In Microbiology-To Lucknow students of Applied Sciencess will be sent for Internship after II semester to reputed institutes/ hospitals Members of women’s cell,NSS.

  • Joyce Kalyani of III Bsc received Prathibha award for the year 2016-2017
  • Few of our students represented the college at National level
  • Baby Bhuvana of IIznc participated in Republic day parade at New Delhi Jan2017
  • Ravali kusuma and Chinnari of IIB.Voc and ZNC represented the college at state level by participating in republic day parade
  • NSS Students represented AKNU at national level by attending national youth camp at Rothak
  • Students f applied bio sciences won Nandi Award for sambhavami one act play,represented college and Aadikavi Nanaya university at south zone and National level.