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Dr.G.Jyothi HOD OF CHEMISTRY Awarded by Sr.Winifred & SrTheresa Cherian for non availing CLs for 27 years.
Women achiever award by Ramachandra Engineering College,Vatluru on 8-3-2017.
Mrs.T.Rohini Kumari - Awarded M.Phil in the year 2002. Membership in academic council
Published one research article in reputed international journal.
Membership in academic council,PTA commite and Sports and Games Activitites
Dr.Ch.Jyothirmayee - Associate Editor for Annual Research Journal STC Scholars vision with ISSN: 2321-6425 Member of IQAC
Dr.M.Rama - Awarded Ph.D in the year 2014. In charge for KAUSHAL KENDRA (Skill development training programme for final year students organized by IQAC)
Dr.V.Naga Lakshmi: - Best NSS programme officer (state level awardee) organized two special camps, blood donation workshops, district level youth leadership camp and zonal level youth festival Board of studies member in home college
Mrs.N.Gayathri Devi - Awarded M.Phil degree in the year 2008 -
Mrs.N.Swarna latha - - -
Mrs.K.Chukkamma - Member in Women’s cell Member in staff club.
Mr.G.Srinivasa Rao: - Member in staff club. Member in chemistry club activities.
Mrs.K.J.Subhashini: - Member in chemistry club activities. Board of studies member in home college.
Mrs.B.Anuradha: - Member in chemistry club activities Board of studies member in home college.
Ms.N.Madhavi: - Member in chemistry club activities. Attended many seminars and workshops
Ms.Y.Rajani: - Member in chemistry club activities. Board of studies member in home college
Ms.N.Syamala - Member in chemistry club activities Board of studies member in home college.
Mrs.N.Lalitha Kumari - Member in chemistry club activities. Attended many seminars and workshops
Mrs.G.M.S.Prashanthi - Member in chemistry club activities Attended many seminars and workshops
Mrs.A.R.N.L.Sireesha - Member in chemistry club activities

Major and Minor Research Projects of Chemistry Department :

Major Research Projects:
S.No Name Of Faculty Title Of The Project Duration Amount Sanctioned Sponsored Organization
1 Chemistry department The Study and analysis of various aspects of water with respect to potability 1978-1980 - UGC
2 Chemistry department Emerging Trends in renewable Energy souces 2005 - UGC
3 Dr.C.A.Jyothirmayee Assessment of the Quality of Drinking Water Sources in the upland areas of the West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh Dec2014-Dec2016 22,89,000/- Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology
Minor Research Projects:
S.No Name Of Faculty Title Of The Project Duration Amount Sanctioned Sponsored Organization
1 Dr.G.Jyothi Chemical Modeling Studies 1997-99 38,500/- UGC
2 Dr.Jameelunnisa Begum Assay of Drugs 2001-03 27,000/- UGC
3 Dr.V.Nagalakshmi Chemical Speciation studies in solutions 2005-07 95,000/- UGC
4 Dr.C.A.Jyothirmayee Analytical determination of Cefepime and Cabergoline using HPLC 2013-15 85,000/- UGC


Year Title of the National Seminar with dates Funding Agency Amount sanctioned Link No. & File No No. of participants attended No. of participants presented papers Brief Report
2011-12 Environment,Health and Safety Management UGC 1,20,000 - 250 - -
2013-2014 Sustainable future through Green Chemistry UGC 1,50,000 No.F.P.No:131.(SEM 112/2013-14) dated February, 2014 302 62 Enclosed
Translation studies



    Dr.Jameelunnisa Begum
  • Best Teacher Award by Government of AP in the year 2007
  • Dr.G.Jyothi:
  • Best NSS Program Officer Award by AU in the year 1986
  • Best Women Achiever Award by AP Government in the year 2010
  • Dr.C.A.Jyothirmayee:
  • Best Teacher Award at District Level in the year 2013-14
  • 4. Dr.V.Nagalakshmi:
  • Dr.V.Nagalakshmi awarded best master trainer to red ribbon club team in the
  • Appreciation certificate as best NSS PO for the year 2013-14 in achieving the goal of ‘ Halt and reversal of HIV/ AIDS epidemic in West Godavari District of AP W.G.Dt
  •  State level Best N.S.S.Program officer by the AP state NSS Cell for the year 2015
  • 2012-13: Dr.G.Jyothi & Mrs.N.Gayathri devi accompanied final year project students to oil palm research centre pedavegi. Students were enriched with HPLC and Spectrophotometric work on separation and refining of edible oil.
  • 2013-14 : Dr.G.Jyothi,Mrs.T.Rohini Kumari & Ms.L.Anusha accompanied final year project students to polymer industry ( PVC pipes, making of bottles, storage boxes) ice factory,agarbathi industry,aluminium factory,card board factory
  • 2013-14 : Environmental science field trip Ms.N.Syamala and Ms.L.Anusha accompanied second year project students to industrial area at sathrampadu. Students were given knowledge on visiting polymer industry,plastic bottles,ice factory etc.
  • 2014-15 : Field trip Dr.G.Jyothi, Dr.Naga Lakshmi V, Mrs.N.Gayathri Devi and Mr.G.Srinivasa Rao accompanied third year students to industrial area at Laila Nutra Ceuticals, Vijayawada on 10th February, 2015. Students were given knowledge on NMR and LC-MS.
  • 2015-16: The students of III.B.Sc were taken to field trip on 9th July 2015 to a village called Akkiredy gudem in west Godavari District.Visited PORUS INDUSTRY in which PPP-BP Polymers are manufactured and are exported to foreign countries. Cancer drugs such as Sumatriptan succinate, Rezotriptan succinate were also synthacised in the powdered form in the POPUS.
  • LABORATORY. Dr.G.Jyothi and Mrs.T.Rohini Kumari accompanied all the project students to the aforesaid industries to enhance the knowledge in chemistry
  • 2016-17: Dr.G.Jyothi, HOD of Chemistry, Mrs.T.Rohini Kumari, Dr.V.Nagalakshmi, Ms.V.Shymala Tejaswi and Ms.N.Madhavi accompanied III B.Sc Project student to Industrial Estate, Satrampadu, Eluru on 15th July, 2016 as Field Trip programme.
  • Dr.G.Jyothi,Mrs.T.RohiniKumari and Dr.V.Naga Lakshmi accompanied the students of III B.Sc students to an industrial trip to WANBURY ltd K.Illendraparu near Tanuku 29th Nov 2016


  • .Mini projects designed to inculcate research attitude among students of our college.
  • Inspire students for research.
  • Mrs.T.Rohini kumari :
  • Visiting technical exhibitions to improve knowledge
  • Field trips
  • Dr.M. Rama :
  • Bridge course conducted for I B.Sc students to make aware of chemistry
  • Preparation of AUCET bits for III B.Sc students
  • Dr.V.Naga Lakshmi :
  • Projects
  • Exhibitions
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Just a minute on concepts of chemistry
  • Mrs. N. Gayathri devi :
  • Bridge courses for I B.Sc students
  • Inspire programmes
  • Mrs. K. Chukkamma :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • Mr.G.Srinivasa Rao :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • Model classes by students
  • Mrs.K.J.Subhashini :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • Model classes by students
  • Mrs.B.Anuradha :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • Ms.N.Madavi :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • Ms.Y.Rajani :
  • Bridge course conducted for students
  • Projects
  • The Department extends its services to the society. The Department members guide women self help groups of rural Eluru like DWACRA in preparing home needs, such as surf, phenyl, soaps, henna, liquid blue etc. The funds raised by this event are spent for helping financially backward students in supplying study materials and books. The department members along with two NSS programme officers Dr.G.Jyothi, Mrs.N.Gayathri Devi, Dr.Nagalakshmi V and Dr.M.Rama conducted several awareness programmes on child labour, sanitation, women empowerment, tree plantation and literacy awareness programmes. Department members also extend their services in collaboration with Lions club, Women’s club and other NGO groups.
  • Dr.G.Jyothi & Dr.V.Nagalakshmi delivered a lecture and demonstrated food adulterants & precautions to be taken to the home makers meet organized by women cell team on 29th jan 2014.
  • Dr.G.Jyothi and Mrs. T.Rohini kumari demonstrated the home needs to the women cell faculty and students to develop entrepreneurship in small scale industries on 21st dec 2013
  • Dr.V.Naga Lakshmi conducted N S S Special camp at Vegiwada, Pedavegi Mandal from 17th October, 2014 to 23rd October, 2014.


S.No Name of the item Quantity
1 Centrifuge machine 2
2 Electric Bunsen burner with regulator 6
3 TLC Equipment complete Set 1
4 Spectrophotometers 2
5 Digital balance 3
6 Digital Photo electric colorimeter Model 112 (Systronics) 19
7 Digital Conductivity meter with Cell Model 304 (Systronics) 24
8 Digital Potentio meter with Magnetic stirrer with Platinum and calomel electrodes only (PICO) 23
9 Digital PH meter with electrode Model 335 ( systronics) 21
10 Double beded Demineraliser 1
11 Overhead projector 1
12 OHP Screen 2
13 Vacuum oven 1
14 Flame photometer 1
15 Digital Salinitymeter 1
16 Nephelo-Turbidity meter 2
17 Intel system’s with multimedia 3
18 HP Lasejet P1007 Printer 1
19 Digital Photofluorometer 1
20 Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer 4KVA 1
21 Fume hood 8X5 " 1
  • Dr.G.Jyothi, Mrs.T.Rohini kumari ,Dr.V.Nagalakshmi & Mr.G.Srinivasa rao exhibited charts, models, demonstrated simple experiments conducted MCQ tests to inspire the 9th class students of sanivarapupet on the eve of science day celebrations on 26th Feb 2014
  • Dr.G.Jyothi DRC incharge has arranged District level Seminar competitions. Winners will participate in the CYP Program which will be held at Hyderabad.
  • On 16th September World Ozone day was celebrated. Elocution competition was conducted on “ Role of Youth for the protection of ozone layer”. Dr.A.Nirmala Jyotsna, Dr.N.Nagavardhnam and Dr.G.Jyothi acted as Judges for the competition. Mr.G.Srinivasa Rao accompanied and guided Six students of our college to participate in various competition conducted by SCIM Govt.Degree College, Tanuku on the same day . Our students achieved First prize in Seminar, Second Prize in painting and Third prize in Quiz competitions.
  • Dr.M.Rama, Lecture Dept. of Chemistry has given a talk on Human values for the members of Lioness club of Helapuri and Abudaya mahila madali, Eluru on the eve of library week celebrations at central library seminar hall on 19th November 2014. The main aim of this was to make aware of people about the importance of human values in the present society and the role of an individual to inculcate values in their children. How to make happiness on our own and make others happy. Every year Chemistry department conduct State level competitions Chemistry Fest in which various colleges participate with enthusiasm and cash awards given to the winners. The areas of competitions are periodic table-Thambola, Didactic teacher of the day, Chemistry in one minute, Poster presentation, power point presentation etc. Debate
  • Chemistry Club - FOCUS
  • The activities of the club were geared to improve research orientation, enhance inherent talents of the students and to improve communicative skills among learners and to acquaint the students with latest developments in chemistry. Club activities include guest lectures, quiz programmes, debates, essay writing, paper presentations etc.
  • Knowledge extension programmes
  • Knowledge extension programmes helps to improve the communicative skills, self confidence and knowledge The following knowledge extension programmes were conducted
  • Cloud seeding
  • Food Adulteration
  • Chemistry in daily life
  • A diamond forever
  • Textile chemistry
  • Drugs - effect
  • Pesticides and Fertilizers
  • Chemistry of colors
  • Role of metals – Human beings
  • Organic Farming
  • Plastics
  • Green chemistry
  • Nanochemisty
  • E-waste Management
  • Enchangement of pigments
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Resourses
  • Cosmetics in chemisty
  • Chemistry in daily life
  • Essential elements our body
  • Training programs for students and staff

    Bridge course for students:

  • After the admission into 1st B.Sc course the students are given orientation to acquaint them with basics of degree syllabus for 15 days.
  • Training for junior faculty:

  • Training program for junior faculty for 10 days. Senior faculty orient junior staff on tips of effective teaching in demonstrative lectures. Senior faculty take up demonstrative classes on important topics for lectures for which Junior staff members attend.
  • Remedial classes:

  • Based on the results of IInd and IVth semesters special coaching classes are accorded to weak students in the Ist year B.Sc . Students groups of 10 each are given coaching in zero hours and after the class hours in the evening. The Departments take charge of small groups of ten and provide them with course material and study material. A marked improvement was noticed after the remedial classes in slow learners.
  • Wall magazine- chem. Gazette

  • The aim of wall magazine is to acquaint students with latest developments in the world of Chemistry in a fun way. Various branches of chemistry, such as Nano chemistry, Green chemistry Super conductors are depicted in the colorful wall magazine which is run by students themselves. The magazine is placed strategically near the department periodically updated by chemistry students who add material to the wall magazine. They put up puzzles, jokes and stories based on topics related to chemistry.
  • Alumnae Association & Placements:

  • The Chemistry Department has a strong alumnae base who are in regular contact with the Department.
  • Important features/ activities

  • Aluminae of B.Sc Chemistry are placed as faculty in Chemistry, MCA, Physics, MBA, Nutrition, H.Sc Departments. They are prominently placed as lecturers in reputed colleges of W.G.District and all over Andhra Pradesh . They are absorbed in reputed labs in A.P such as Reddy’s labs, IICT, SIRIS laboratories. They extend their services to the Department through guest lectures, motivational talks, striking collaborations providing internships, job placements, providing references for theresian students.
  • Collaborations:

  • The Department collaborates with APPCB, NEDCAP, Oil palm, vamsi seeds, laxmi Ice factory, food adulteration Dept. and Municipal Corporation.
  • Outcome:

  • Conduct of industrial visits every year. Students were exposed to special training sessions by experts. Conduct of internships and on - the job training interviews. All round development to face interviews. Job placements. The Department of Chemistry strives hard to train the students to be fit for life and fit for job