Commerce and Managment


o prepare women entrepreneurs and managers for the development of healthy and ecient business worldDepartment of commerce was established in 1971. Gradually thedepartment expanded in strength of students and courses. The autonomygave extensive freedom to the enthusiastic faculty members who wereyoung with bubbling innovative ideas. With their initiative, several newcourses were introduced breaking the tradition of &ve decades old subjectsand syllabus.It is very interesting to note that the course structure of 4+4+7subjects with Quantitative techniques, Business Communication,Managements of Small Scale Industries, Taxation, Merchant Banking etc wereintroduced during 1987 to 95 and surprisingly the same structure and paperswere introduced by the common core commerce course structure of AndhraPradesh, after 13 years of our attempt. Name Designation Qualification Years of service Specialization Photo
1 A.U. Durga Devi Dean & Students Academic Affairs M.Com., M.Phil., PhD 33 years - -
2 Dr. C. Satya Devi Head of the Department M.Com., M.Phil., PhD 34 years Banking
3 Dr. R. S. N. Sarma Asst Proffesor M.Com M.Phil M.B.A , B.Ed ,Ph.D , AP.SET 27 years Accounting-Cost Accounting -
4 S.B.V. Subrahmanyam Sr. Lecturer M.Com., M.B.A.,M.Ed, B.L.,(Ph.D.) 3 years -
5 R. Jagadeeswari Lecturer 5 years Accounting and Banking
6 R. Sireesha Lecturer M.Sc., MBA 2 years Financial Management and Marketing
7 CH. Rajitha Lecturer MBA., M.Com 1 Banking and Auditing NAME CLASS COMPETATION DATE LEVEL RESULT
1 B.Estharu Rani III B.Com(General) Hockey Basket Ball KHO-KHO Dec 2015 National level College Competation 1st place
2 M.Gowrieswari III B.Com(General) Hockey Basket Ball KHO-KHO Dec 2015 National level College Competation 1st place
3 N.Durga III B.Com(General) Basket Ball Aug 2016 College Competation 1st place
4 K.Nagamani Aug 2016 KHO-KHO Aug 2016 College Competation 2nd place
5 L.Vijaya Kumari III B.Com(General) KHO-KHO Aug 2016 College Competation 2nd place
6 CH.Hema Latha III B.Com(General) Base Ball Tennis TSC(NCC) - State level State level All India 1st place
1st place
2nd place
7 T.Jyothsna II B.Com(General) Base Ball Soft Ball 1- Base Ball
Soft Ball
1st place
1st place
8 J.Baby Mounika II B.Com(General) Air Rifle Aug 2013
Oct 2013
Jan 2014
Aug 2014
Aug 2015
Oct 2015
Aug 2016
Oct 2016
Base Ball
Soft Ball
1st place
1st place
  • K. Preethi-Best research paper award in International seminar on 'Dalith Studies'
  • K. Preethi-Best paper award in National seminar Conducted by Commerce dept: of CRR College, Eluru
  • In the Academic year 2015-16 department conducted a two day national work Shop on Accounting and Taxation. Auditors CA Srikanth, CA Sriram, CA Ramakrishna, CA Pradeep Jaw, Addl: Commissioner Income tax of West Godavari delivered valuable talks on Application ofAccounting, Taxation and Audit Laws

Department introduced the following certificate Courses for the benefit of students

  • Office Management
  • Business Management Skills
  • Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Dr A.U.Durgadevi- District Level Best Teacher award (2014-15)
  • K.P.Hepsiba-Young Scientist award in national seminar
  • Mr R.S.N. Sarma- Awarded Ph.D from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur and got qualified AP. SET (2016)
  • 2012-13: All III B.Com students went to the "Industrial Estate in Eluru"
  • 2015-16: All III B.Com students went to the "VAHYAN Coffee Ltd in Garlamadugu"
  • 2016-17: All B.Com students went to the "Oil Fed Factory in Pedavegi"
  • Bank of St Theresa
  • Department library
  • Sathe Book bank
  • Best.Com Books
  • Sukeshi-herbal oil
  • Explore- The Research Journal

Department is organizing Sathe Book Bank In which a number of academic and General Books collected from staff and students alumni are maintained. They are issued to some students who cannot buy books. After the semester exams, they will be returned by the students.

  • Department library with more than 3500 books
  • 10 well furnished Class rooms
  • Class rooms with ICT facility-3
  • Computer Lab