Our Library Building...

"St.Theresa's is a nurturing ground to create professional women who are emotionall strong and holistic in attitude to make effective contribution to society via dynamic environment."

St. Theresa's College Library is housed in three different blocks as follows:

  1. P.G Library is located on the 1st floor of the P.G Extension Block in degree campus.
  2. Degree Library is situated on the first floor of the P.G. Block.
  3. Intermediate Library is situated on the first floor of the left wing of the old college building.

Book Bank:

The Library maintains a Book Bank with a sizeable number of books for economically backward students who are allowed to borrow 2 extra books for a period of 3 months or a year as may be fixed by the librarian. Facilities :

  1. Total Library automation with bar coding system & opac technology.
  2. Provision of INFLIBNET & e-journals.
  3. Subscription to National & International Journals
  4. LAN facility to computers
  5. CCTV for security
  6. Archive section for precious old & back run issues & monograph
  7. Proviosion of reprographic facility.

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