Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of the institution and also among the Andhra University affiliated colleges, established in the year 1958. It was formally inaugurated by Dr C D Deshmukh the then UGC Chairman, under the principal ship of Mrs. L D Souza

The department functioned in old campus about three Decades. In 1987 it was shifted to new campus and is situated in Science Block. The courses that have been started with Mathematics combinations are given in the form of table.

The M.Sc Mathematics was also started in the year 1999 and M.Sc., in Mathematics was started during the academic year 1999-2000. Name Designation Qualification Years of service Specialization Photo
1 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi Asst.Professor & HOD M.Sc, M.Phil Ph.D 29 - -
2 Mr.V.Gopinath lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed 15 -
3 Miss. S. Naga Durga lecturer M.Sc 7 -
4 Mrs.A.Jyothi lecturer M.Sc 4 -
5 Mrs.G.Jyothi i lecturer M.Sc 3 -
6 Mrs.P.Poojitha lecturer M.Sc 3 -
6 Ms.Y.Kusumanjali lecturer M.Sc 2 -

  • State Level Seminar on History of Mathematics on 9th October, 2017
  • National seminar on Mathematical modeling in Natural and Physical Sciences on 16th & 17th November,2012
  • National Seminar on Applications of Differential Equations on 10th July,2013
  • National Mathematics Day Celebrations from 8th to 13th July, 2013.
  • National Workshop on Ancient Indian Mathematics on 8th July 2013
  • Instructional Workshop on LATEX on 13th July,2013
  • National Workshop on Differential Equations – Applications - Sciences.15th &16th December 2014.
  • Instructional Workshop on LATEX on 17th Dec,2015
  • National Workshop on Applications of Differential Equations on 18th & 19th December,2015
  • Work shop on “The computer Programming skills” On 20th August 2016
  • One - day Workshop on “Higher Order Linear Differential Equations” on 22nd August 2016.
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Analytical reasoning Academic Year Name of the Student Who received Gold Medal Name of the Student Who received Silver Medal
1 2012-13 Asst.Professor & HOD Ms.Molugu Navya (M.E.COMP)
2 2013-14 Ms.Gundu Renuka (M.P.COMP) Ms.Ch.Divya (M.S.COMP)
3 2014-15 Ms.D.RachelPrasanthi (M.S.COMP) Ms.K.S.Ramya Jahnavi (M.S.COMP)
4 2015-16 Ms.Sk.Ayesha (M.P.COMP) Ms.V.Angela Prasanthi (M.S.COMP)
  • In the year 2014-15 it was instructed to take up Community Oriented projects (live) on Solid Waste Management in Eluru Municipality (our Home Town) by all the final year students under the guidance of Project Coordianator Dr.Mrs.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Head of the Department of Mathematics. . The title of the project is given as “perception and attitudes of residents of Eluru on solid Waste and its management” . All the final year students were divided into Nine Units, each unit consists of 70 to 80 students and 7 to 8 staff members with a Coordinator. A questionnaire was prepared to Collect the information on solid Waste and its management at Houses, Hospitals, Shops, Hotels, Institutions etc. Each student collected the information from ten residents in allotted area such that 5400 houses were covered which is the ten percent of total houses of Eluru. Similarly Hospitals, Shops, Hotels, Institutions etc. The consolidated Reports of the Projects in Nine Units of Eluru were prepared by the Coordinators with the help of their allotted staff from the data collected by the students.Reports were submitted to the Municipal Commissioner
  • On 18th September2014 at nine units of Eluru Muncipality TSBA (Theresian Swachch Bharat Abhiyan) was launched under the guidance of The coordinator of TSBA, Dr.Mrs.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Head of the Department of Mathematics in which the Mayor and the municipal commissioner were the chief guest and guest of honour for the inaugural session of Theresian Swachch Bharat Abhiyan .The staff members and the students , residents of the area ,municipality staff were participated and the students enlightened the Residents of Eluru Municipality with Songs, Skits on Swachch Bharath.
  • On 8th July,2015 The plantation day was celebrated under the guidance of Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi ,Swachch Bharat coordinator, by supplying the manure to the existing plants in the adopted area of KSRThota, in which Sr.Showrilu ,the Vice Principal &Sr.MariettaD’Mello, PG Directress, and the students of Eco Club were Participated.
  • ODepartment of Mathematics took the initiative to celebrate 15th August, 2015 the Independence Day Celebrations with the Community KSR thota which was adopted by TSBA.
  • INSPIRE Programme 20th to 24th March,2013.
  • National level Career Guidance Seminar On 4th Nov, 2015
  • • MS. Suma Sri, N.Pravallika of III B.Sc Mp computers Won First Prize for the poster presentation Competition which was conducted on 7th Dec 2015, at DNR Govt degree College, Palakol.
  • • All the Mathematics students did the project on Perception and Attitudes of residents of Eluru on solid Waste and its Management during the academic year 2014-15.
  • • Students and the all the staff of the Department are being involved in TSBA (Theresian Swachch Bharath Abhiyan) activities in the adopted area KSR Thota Since Nov 2014.
  • • From 14th Dec to 19th Dec, 2015 - S. Madhuri and G.Charishma of III B.Sc MPC –I Section Attended MTTS Program (Mini Maths Talented &training Session) at KBN College, Vijayawada, Organised by National Board of Higher Mathematics