NEWS UPDATE (2016-2017)

Date Event
15-06-2016 Work -shop on PHONETICS and Spoken English 1st year degree students-B.Sc, BA, BCom, Hsc-- 800 in number Resource Persons- Mr. P. Gopichand, P. NagaSuseela, J.K.C. College, Guntur
17-06-2016 Dr. Padmaja gave a Guest Lecture to doctors and members of Lion’s CLub of Helapuri on the topic “ Nutrition and LifeStyle Management”
17-06-2016 BOS:
6.1- 17-6-2016- Dr.K.Madhavi Rani attended BOS meeting As University nominee at Ideal College of Arts & Science, Kakinada, E.G.dt.
6.2- 17-2016-Dr.R.Indira, attended subject expert for Zoology in BOS meeting at KBN College, Vijayawada, Kakinada, E.G.dt.
6.3- 8-7-2016- Dr.K.Madhavi Rani, attended as subject Expert for Environmental Studies in BOS meeting at KBN College, Vijayawada, Kakinada, E.G.dt.
6.4- 14-7-2016- Dr.R.Indira, attended subject expert for Zoology in BOS meeting at Sir CRR College, Eluru, W.G.dt.
Faculty as Academic Council member: 6.5- 20-6-2016- Dr.K.Madhavi Rani attended Academic council meeting at SKSD Mahila Kalasala, Tanuku, W.G.Dt
18-06-2016 Talk on “Avenues of research in Microbiology” by Mrs.K.Prashanthi, Research Scholar, University of West Virginia, USA to Final year Applied Science students.
20.06.2016: Interaction between Management, Staff, Fresher’s and their parents.
21.06.2016: Introducing college culture, examination system, various committees, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities to the fresher’s.
Talent hunt, competitions and prize distribution.
20-06-2016 All the chemistry department members attended a National Workshop on Spectrophotometry and Chromatography held at Sir C R R College, Eluru
21-06-2016 Dr. Padmaja gave a talk on “General Facilities in the College” during Orientation for I Year students.
21-06-2016 Yoga day organized. Miss .G.Vijaya ratna Kumari gave training to the students on yoga practice.
21-06-2016 Dr.R.Indira a talk on STC Eco club to the I years during their orientation program
22-06-2016 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Head of the Department of Mathematics Presented a ppt on Placement & Career Guidance in the Orientation Program.
23-06-2016 Bank of St.Theresa Students savings bank Re-opened for the academic year 2016-2017
25-06-2016 The department of computer Science organized fresher’s day on 25 th June 2016 at 9.00 AM.
28-06-2016 Ms. R. S. Sravanthi of 2011-14 batches interacted with the students and gave suggestions for career planning in Interior Decoration and Resource Management
28-06-2016 DR.M.Rama, gave a talk on “Stress management for teaching staff” on 28th June 2016 in a TTIPS training program organized by TTIPS committee for the newly joined staff and the staff of less than three years of teaching experience.
T-Tips committee organized training classes for three days i.e. from 28 th June 2016 to 30 th June 2016 for the junior staff. Mrs. G.Prasanthi, Mrs. K.L.L.Lavanya and Swapna LAtha attended the T-Tips training classes
29-06-2016 Dr. K. Rani attended BOS meeting at ASD College for Women ,Kakinada
29-06-2016 15 Students from III B.Sc M.S.Comp, II B.Sc M.S.Comp Participated in Statistics day celebrations organized by NSSO (National Sample Survey Office) held at Maris Stella College, Vijayawada and they Won III Prize in Quiz Competition.
30-06-2016 The final B.A HEP & THP students presented knowledge extension program on “E-Governance “.under the guidance of Y.Sailaja lecturer in politics.
30-06-2016 The final B.A HEP & THP students presented knowledge extension program on “E-Governance “.under the guidance of Y.Sailaja lecturer in politics.
01-07-2016 Dr. Padmaja gave a talk on “Rules and regulations of the College” during Orientation for PG I Year students.
02-07-2016 Dr.N.Nagavardhanam attended BOS meeting as subject expert at Y.N.College, Narsapur
02-07-2016 Mathematics Association Knowledge was inaugurated on 2nd July 2016 for the academic year 2016-17.Dr.KL.Saraswathi Devi, Head of the Department of Mathematics delivered a message on Mathematics in modern Technology, later president of Knowledge Sr.Vineetha III B.Sc MPCOMP presented a ppt on Vedic Mathematics. All the members of the department were present.
04-07-2016 Ms. Y. Hemalatha of 2011-14 batch working in ALEAP- Association of Ladies Entrepreneur of Andhra Pradesh and created awareness on jute bag making.
04-07-2016 The department organized a program on the occasion of Sri. Alluri Sitarama Raju jayanthi. Mrs. .D.Brahmeshwari spoke the spiritual life history of sri. Alluri Sitaramaraju
05-07-2016 D.Brahmeswari participated along with the NSS units of the college in the program. She gave a speech on the intensity of ragging in the educational institutions and the sociological impact of the social evil. She motivated the students to take an oath to maintain a ragging free campus, and explained about the disciplinary actions taken by the management in case of reported ragging
The Department Of Mathematics Coordinated the online training classes in Skill Development (Communication Skills, Technical Skills & Analytical Skills) which were organized by APSSDC, for all the final year Math’s Students. About 260 members were benefitted through this program. The Resource persons were Mr.Sunil Kumar Deva (Aptitude), Mr.Ron (Communication Skills), and Mr.Rajendra (Technical Skills).
07-07-2016 “Preventive Strategies of Diabetes” by Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar, professor, ASRAM Medical college, Eluru.
07-07-2016 Organized a food stall as a part of their assignment on Ramzan special by III ZNC
08-07-2016 Dr. M. Padmaja attended BOS meeting for PG Courses at Adikavi Nannayya University, Rajamahendravaram
08-07-2016 ANCS: Dr.R.Indira, Dr.K.Madhavi Rani, participated as members in Logo launching program on “ Animals and Nature Conservation Society(ANCS)” BY District Collector Sri Katamaneni Bhaskar
10.07.2016 & 11.07.2016 A botanical tour was organized to Addategela, EG Dist. 42 III BZC students were attended and benefited. The students prepared ayurvedic medicines under the guidance of medical practitioner Mr.Bullayya. They collected and acquired knowledge on many medicinal plants and their uses in medicine preparation
14-07-2016 Mrs B.Annapurna HOD of Computer Science Department was appointed as a board member for the boards of studies meeting 2016 -2017 held in computer science department Sir C.R.Reddy. College, Eluru.
14.07.2016 Dr.N.Nagavardhanam attended BOS meeting as subject expert at sir.CRR Autonomous Degree College, Eluru.
14-07-2016 The final B.A. HEP em & EPSW students presented knowledge extension program on Lok Adalat. Under the guidance of Mrs. R.Chittemma lecturer in political sciences.
14-07-2016 Dr. P. Ratna Mary participated in the Board of studies in Economics in Sri. C.R.Reddy (A) college Eluru
14-07-2016 III ZNC students presented an Extension program on “Uninvited Guest of our Body”
15-07-2016 Tejaswi and Ms.N.Madhavi accompanied III B.Sc Project student to Industrial Estate, Satrampadu, Eluru on 15th July, 2016 as Field Trip program.
16-07-2016 Mrs. I. Aruna from Pidilite Industries gave an Introductory class on Painting Skills.
16-07-2016 SATHE - Students Association of Theresian Help & Extension was formed by a group of Lecturers , Students and ex- students to undertake some services.
16-07-2016 Mr. Peddiraju, Team Leader in Advertising, ACT City,Eluru gave an effective talk on ‘Effectiveness of Advertisement’. The final year BBM students performed skits as advertisement for daily use products like spectacles, mobile phone. Cell phones, lipsticks, hair oil etc
18-07-2016 Department of Mathematics organized 64th College Union Inaugural as apart of the Calendar event. , The Chief Guest was Mr.K.Gangeswara Rao,RJDCE, Rajahmahendravaram.
19-07-2016 Under SATHE a book bank was started. It was inaugurated by Dr. Sr. Mercy Principal , Mrs. E. Rajyalakshmi, Add.Ctlr of Exams.
20-07-2016 One day workshop on entrepreneurship Development by the National Small Industry Development Corporation New Delhi. Mr.Sudarshan was the resoruce person
21-07-2016 NSDC TERM I exam for Vocational group students.
21-07-2016 III BZC students presented an Extension program on “Parental care in Animals”
21-07-2016 Mr.Madhukar Mettl , Hyderabad and Mr.Anjan Kumar, MLT technician , Ramesh Hospital came as assessors and conducted off line exam and viva with Tablets. This exam conducted by Health care sector skill council. New Delhi
22-07-2016 Club Inauguration of Home Science Club- AKARSH . Chief Guest was Dr. Debora Messiana, Progamme Coordinator, KVK, Undi.
22-07-2016 To 27-07-2016 Department of Mathematics organized a Five Day Workshop on Skill Development(Communication Skils,Technical Skills & Analytical Skills) in Colloboration with TCS for all the Final Year Maths Students.The Resource Persons were Mrs.Buela Sharon and Mr.Sreedhar, about 260 Students were benefitted through this program.
22.07.2016 to 23.07.2016 Dr.N.Nagavardhanam attended national seminar ‘Women Empowerment: Across the Continents”. Organized by Environmental Advisory for Sustainable Trust (EAST). Presented paper on “Girl Child-Human Rights”.
25-07-2016 St.Ann’s Feast: St.Ann’s Feast was celebrated. The students of III BZC presented “the life of St.Ann” through a skit.
25-07-2016 to 30-07-2016 Mrs. Santosh Jhawar, Mrs. K.Hymavathi, Ms. P.Javani went to ICET Counselling
25-07-2016 Organized a food stall as a part of their assignment by III MBN
27-07-2016 to 29-07-2016 Mrs. I. Aruna from Pidilite Industries Mumbai conducted workshop on Painting Skills
27-07-2016 to 28-07-2016 Mega Health Camp Mega Health camp conducted in association with the ASRAM hospital for all students, faculty, supporting staff of our college. 15 doctors and 15 technicians came from General Medicine, Ophthamology, ENT, Dermatology, Gynecology, Diagnostic tests conducted for students, IIOO student’s faculty and supporting staff benefited.
28-07-2016 Knowledge extension program was organized on “7 Miniature wonders” by III MBN, MB Comp, MB Chemistry.
29-07-2016 Eco Club: Vanam Manam Program: The student members and faculty participated and organized vanam manam by plantation of 170 saplings in the campus and sriram nagar area. About 1000 samplings distributed to the students
29-07-2016 I&II-BBA Students went to Vuyyuru for Plantation on the eve of “ Plantation Day”
29-07-2016 Mrs.P.Lakshmi Prasanna along with Red Ribbon club members participated in vanam- manam program and planed trees in ameena pet Eluru.
29-07-2016 Staff and students of Botany Dept. planted about 50 medicinal plants in Botany Medicinal Garden near PG Block.
29-07-2016 to 30-07-2016 Dr.N.Nagavardhanam attended national seminar “Innovation Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Value Chain in a Challenging Environment” organized by PRIMAX Foundation, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Presented paper on “Potentialities of rural Marketing in Consumer Durables – with particular reference to Bhimadolu Village in Andhra Pradesh”.
30-07-2016 II BBA & III BBM Students attended Guest Lecture on “How to Develop our Memory” by Mr. Subbarao, Manager in Micro Tech.
30-07-2016 30-7-2016- A Work shop organized on “The Scope of ANCS” (Animal and Nature Conservation Society) by the Mr.Sai, Secretary; Mr.Bhanu, Vice Secretary;Mr.Nagarjuna, Treasurer gave awareness on the role of students for the protection of animals. About 40 students registered as members in the association.
03-08-2016 Home Science students created an awareness program on importance of breast milk to all the college students
03-08-2016 On 3rd august 2016 Dr.G.Jyothi acted as a chief guest for the inaugural session of Physics & Electronics club scope in home college.
03-08-2016 Students of Final MBA & BBM & II-BBA went for a visit to Shri Krishna Jute Mill, Eluru.
03-08-2016 S.L.Juhi Niveditha & P.Jaswith of II-BBA ; M.harika of III-BBM attended workshop on “Creative Talents”, Awareness Creation & Honing of Talents in Sir C.R.Reddy Autonomous College, Eluru. Resource Persons are: V.V.Ramana, N.V.P.Ramachandran, Dr. K.Ravi & P C Swaroop
03-08-2016 On 3rd August Mrs. D. Brahmeswari attended a workshop on “Vibrations on Honoring of talents “ in Sri. C.R .Reddy autonomous college Eluru
03-08-2016 On 3rd August Mrs. D.Brahmeswari gave a talk on National spirit in the Lions club of Eluru.
03-08-2016 To 09-08-2016 68 Students of II BZC class prepared 18 plots for growing organic vegetables. Seeds of Amaranthus, Spinach, Basella, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, Ridge gourd, lady’s finger were sown. Saplings of chillies and brinjal were planted near arts block. III BZC Students planted the sap-lings of Capsicum and tomato in Shade net near science block.
03-08-2016 Students of III MBN and I M.Sc., students organized an awareness program on the Importance of Breastfeeding as a part of breast feeding week celebrations, at PHC Titus nagar, Eluru.
04-08-2016 Organized a guest talk by Dr.manoj, Pediatrician on the Importance of BreastFeeding and the impact on healthy child for the students.
04-08-2016 Knowledge extension program was presented on 4th August 2016 by III B.Sc M.P.C(I) students under the guidance of Mrs.T.Rohini Kumari , Lecturer in Chemistry on “Essential elements in our body” .
05-08-2016 On 5th august Mrs.D.Brahmeswari took part in the Ashtavadhanam of Smt. Dr. Bulusu Annapurna in the veda pathasala conducted by Garikapati art theatre ,Eluru.
05-08-2016 Organized an awareness program with the collaboration of Ashram Nursing college for all the PG students.
05-08-2016 On 5th august 2016 Dr.G.Jyothi & Dr.V.Nagalakshmi acted as resource persons in a workshop entitled “Chromatographic techniques “ to final year BSc students at Maris Stella college Vijayawada.
05-08-2016 M.Sc Clinical Nutrition Students conducted debate on importance of breast feeding
05-08-2016 ASRAM College of Nursing students enacted a skit on importance of breast milk.9-8-16
08-08-2016 Mr.D.Lokesh gave a demonstration on “How to update the information in MIS” for all the staff members in A.V.Room.
09-08-2016 to 15-08-2016 Four II B.Sc H.Sc students participated in the NSS Camp held at Vatluru.
10-08-2016 to 11-08-2016 The department organized leadership training camp for the students of local and regional colleges which was sponsored by the Forum of Free Enterprizes and M.R.Pai Foundation, Mumbai. Nearly 70 students participated. The resource persons are Mr. Vivek Patki and Mr. Sachin Kamath corporate trainers of mumbai. The management and staff of Social Sciences organized the program
10-08-2016 Management Studies in Collaboration with Sugnasri & ACT channel conducted a Gameshow “Sardala Sandadi” which is telecasted on Television
10-08-2016 T.Rohini Kumari Lecturer in chemistry attended as judge for the competitions i.e, debate & light music on 10th august 2016 conducted by Lioness Club of Helapuri in lieu of 70th Independence Day .
10-08-2016 To 11-08-2016 K.Divya, K.Sneha and G. Baby Syamala of III B.Sc H. Sc participated in the Leadership Training Camp organized by Forum for Free Enterprise, Pai foundation, Mumbai
10-08-2016 To 12-08-2016 Dr. N. Nagavardhanam attended National seminar on “Human Trafficking in Asian Countries:Dynamics and Dimensions. Organized by the department of political Science, Government College (UG&PG-Autonomous), Ananthapuramu, in association with Rural Development Trust.
11-08-2016 Final BBM & MBA Students attended Seminar on “ Personality Development “ by HRD Centre
11-08-2016 to 12-08-2016 · Mrs.B.Annapurna HOD of Comp Sci Dept was the resource person for the two days workshop on “About Photoshop” conducted by the department of computer science Sir C.R.Reddy college, Eluru on 11th August 2016 and 12 th august 2016. 250 students participated in the workshop.
11-08-2016 Knowledge extension program was presented on 11th August 2016 by III B.Sc M.P.C(I) students under the guidance of Dr.M.Rama , Lecturer in Chemistry on “Chemistry @ daily life .com ” .
16-08-2016 Mrs. D.Brahmeswari gave a guest lecture on Amaravathi, a peoples capital the target group being the students of the college
16-08-2016 To 23-08-2016 The department organized a program of awareness about national movement and national leaders from 16th to 23rd of August 2016. The members of the department gave talks on the lives of great national leaders like V.D.Savarkar, Pingali Venkayya, Bala Gandadhar Tilak, Madan Mohana Malavya, DadaBhai Naoroji, Lala Lajapathi Roy, Sarojini Naidu,Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu. The speeches were on terrorrist movement of India also. A quiz on national movement was conducted on 20th august 2016. The program came to a close on 23rd with an oath taking of rededication to the nation by students and staff.
26-08-2016 Celebrated bithday of Mother Teresa on
27-08-2016 Students conducted quiz on the life of Mother teresa
29-08-2016 Meeting with National full timer from Gujarat
01-09-2016 B.Voc CALT students taken to field trip to Sriparru to give practical knowledge on Fish farming, management of fish farms, fish harvesting
01-09-2016 As a part of Nutrition week celebrations low cost recipe competition was organized by the department of Applied Biosciences.
02-09-2016 To 03-09-2016 Dr.R.Indira and Dr.K.Madhavi Rani participated in National Seminar on “Emerging trends in Environment and sustainable Development” at Andhra Layola College, Vijayawada
03-09-2016 Mrs.P.VijayaLakshmi attended the workshop on the topic “How to use Technology in Classroom” by Mr.Nagaraju Rtr.Principal of Govt. College, Lions Club Member
03-09-2016 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi participated in One day National Workshop on “Technology in the Class Room” Organized by the department of English Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s(A)College for women,Eluru
05-09-2016 Department of Chemistry members distributed Clay ganesh idols to people of Sanivarapupeta, Eluru in order to prevent water pollution and habituate to use clay idols with natural dyes in the place of plaster of paris as a part of eco friendly program in collaboration with AP pollution control board
06-09-2016 Department organized Teacher’s day celebrations .we invited all the management ,teaching, support staff and all the students to the teachers day celebration .In this celebration we felicitated two silver jubilerians Dr.Sr.Mercy ,Principal and Dr.Sr.Marietta D’Mello,P.G. Directress . Management, teaching, support staff and students felicitated the two silver jubilarians . After felicitation cultural program was started by students .At last silver jubilarians Dr.Sr.Mercy ,Principal and Dr.Sr.Marietta D’Mello ,P.G. Directress offered lunch to staff and support staff
07-09-2016 Dr.Vinod K. Madhumala, Senior Scientist (Fisheries), Ministry of Agriculture, Mumbai gave a talk on Career Opportunities in Aquaculture
07-09-2016 Dr.Jhansi, Lecturer in Zoology, Mumbai gave a talk on career opportunities in Zoology
07-09-2016 Mrs. Brahmeswari conducted a session as resource person in the youth workshop conducted by the Brahmakumari Eswariya Vidyalaya, Eluru Branch the target group being 70 students of P.G., U.G. and Intermediate.
08-09-2016 Celebrated birth day of Mother mary and wished Dr.Sr.Mercy principal and Dr.Sr. D’melloon their silver Jubilee
09-09-2016 Science Awareness program using Mobile lab was for X class students of Juvenile Home for Boys, Sanivarapupeta ,Eluru .In this program the concepts related to physics like laws of motion ,Heat & Thermodynamics ,Vectors & Scalars , Motion of a body were explained through experimental demonstration and by showing interesting videos on an LCD projector This program was organized by B.Srivani, P.Sethu Madhavi, M.Saraswathi members of the department.
10-9-2016 Mrs.D.Brahmeswari conducted a session on “human Excellences conducted by Sai Sathya sai seva organizations in SKSD Mahila Kalasala,Tanuku, west Godavari .district
13-9-2016 Mrs. Lumbini, Lecturer in Biochemistry gave a guest lecture on Biotechnology and Transgenic Animals” to the III B.Sc students.
13-9-2016 On 13th September Mrs.D. Brahmeswari gave a talk on new educational policy system in the speaker meet of the Rotary Club of Eluru presided over by Sri Muralidhar President. The target group of Rotarians of Eluru. She spoke on the educational system of India, drawbacks and the suggestions and remedies proposed in the new education policy of 2016. The meeting came to an end by the vote of thanks proposed by Gutta Saibabu, Secretary of the club
13-9-2016 On 13th September the department organized a guest lecture by Mrs. Ch. Sri vidya, Senior Engineer in the Honeywell Technologies, Bangalore. She spoke on the topic “Adventure sports and potentiality of India as tourist destination’’. She explained about different activities and the precautions to be taken and tourism development in india in modern times. Faculty of the department are present for the program.
14-09-2016 Mrs.Y.Neeraja was selected as a ANUR NSS advisory committee member.
15-09-2016 5 NSS volunteers participated in Pre RD camp selections at Government Arts College, Rajahmundry.
16-9-2016 III B.Voc students joined for on job training in Deepak Nexgen Feed Company, Bommuluru to continue for employment as Lab technicians.
17-09-2016 A guest talk was organized on personal hygiene by Rosemary community department west godavari district.students of First second and final year participated.
17-09-2016 Mrs.D.Lumbini devi gave a guest talk on plant tissue culture to final year BZC students
19-09-2016 Mrs.D.Lumbini devi gave a guest talk on transgenic animals to final year ZNC students
19-09-2016 & 20-09-2016 Final BBM Students participated in State Level Commerce Meet at “ Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada” Mrs. P. Vijaya Lakshmi Lecturer in Management Studies accompanied the students.
21-09-2016 The Department of Mathematics arranged a Guest Lecture for III B.Sc (MPC,MPCOMP, MECOMP& MSCOMP)Students on the topic “Linear Transformations”. The Resource Person was Dr.P.S.R.Subramanyam, Head of the Department of Mathematics,Ideal College of Arts & Sciences, Kakinada.
22-09-2016 to 23-09-2016 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Mr. V.Gopinath & Mrs.G.Jyothi participated in National Seminar on “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Issues and Challenges(EPSDIC)” Organized by The Department of Chemistry, Botany & Zoology, Sir C R Reddy Autonomous College, Eluru
22-09-2016 to 23-09-2016 Dr.R.Indira and Dr.K.Madhavi Rani participated in National Seminar on “ Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Issues and Challenges” organized by the Dept of Chemistry, Botany and Zoology , Sir. CRR Autonomous College, Eluru -Dr.R.Indira Presented a paper on “Soil contamination acts a tool for protozoan infections in the people of slum area , Vangayagudem, Eluru, west godavari district, A.P
22-09-2016 to 23-09-2016 Dr.G.Jyothi,Dr.V.N.agalakshmi and Mr.G.Srinivasa rao presented paper on "Household survey on solid waste management-a case study in some places of eluru town" in a national seminar on "Environmental protection and sustainable development issues and challenges(EPSDIC)" organized by Sir.C.R.R. college Eluru on 22nd and 23rd sept 2016. Mrs.T.Rohini kumari attended the seminar.
22-09-2016 to 23-09-2016 Dr Mrs.Ratna Mary Lecturer in attended a national seminar and paper presented on sustaing the environment - Need of the hour in Sir C.R.R. Autonomous College Eluru on sustainable Environment conducted by the department of Chemistry as an inter disciplinary subject
23-09-2016 An Awareness program on Dengue fever and Chikungunya was given by Sr.Sunila Rani, Controller of Examinations, to the student gathering. NSS students participated in the door-to-door campaign. NSS volunteers organized a cultural program in the adopted villages through STARS on parisarala parisubhratha.
24-09-2016 Mrs.N.Nagavardanam awarded as a Best NSS Program officer at state level. Mrs.Y.Neeraja was awarded as Best NSS Program officer at District level.
24-09-2016 The HRD Centre Organized a job mela the companies were HCL,ATCIS TECHNOLOGIES,FIRST SOURCE,ADECCO,KOTAK MAHINDRA(TVS GROUP),ICICI BANK(TVS GROUP) about 650 Candidates were participated and 85 were selected.
26-09-2016 Chemistry department conducted competitions like elocution and poster painting on the topic How to protect Ozone layer on 26th September Monday 2016. Students of various groups participated and won prizes.
27-09-2016 On 29th September The Department celebrated World Tourism Day in the department and conducted elocution competition on the topic ‘Indian Tourism Industry’, in collaboration with the Department of tourism, West Godavari District.
27-09-2016 Competitions were conducted to the NSS volunteers on the topic “Tourism”. Felicitations to the Program officers ( Awardees) by the college management.
27-09-2016 Environmental Science project models were exhibited by First year B.Z.C & CALT students under the guidance of Ms.D.Alekhya,lecturer in Biochemistry.
04-10-2016 To 05-10-2016 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi, Ms.S.Naga Durga and Mrs.P.Poojitha Participated in the UGC Sponsored Two-Day National Seminar on “Energy & Ecology” organized by Department of Physics, Sir C R Reddy Autonomous College ,Eluru
04-10-2016 To 0 5-10-2016 Dr.R.Indira and Dr.K.Madhavi Rani participated in National Seminar on “Energy & Ecology” organized by Department of Physics, Sir. CRR Autonomous College, Eluru Dr.R.Indira Presented a paper on “Use of Immunex Ds as immunostimulant for the sustainable Aquaculture systems: A study on biochemical response in Labeo rohita (Hamilton) during areomoniasis
10-10-2016 Department of Physics and Electronics organized an Extension program · on “Internet of Things” by the ward students of Ms.P.Sethu Madhavi( III B.Sc MPC) and Mrs.Razia Sultana Begum (III MEC students). In which they have explained various applications of IOT such as Smart Home, Smart agriculture, Smart environment ,Smart shopping ,Smart clothes and Smart cities in an elaborate manner.
14-10-2016 Department of Physics and Electronics organized “Bhuvan Familiarization Workshop” in collaboration with National Remote Sensing Centre /ISRO. The resource persons for this workshop are Mr.Vinod M Bothale, Group director, Geo portal & web GIS services NRSC / ISRO and Ms Vijay Banu ,Manager, Bhuvan Technology incubation outreach, RC, NRSC/ISRO. Ms Vijay Banu enlightened the participants about Geo tagging using Mobile Bhuvan .Mr.Vinod Bothale has explained about open data archive ,climate environment, thematic services, disaster services offered by Bhuvan.
15-10-2016 B. Suryanarayannamma of 2013-16 Batch won Prarthiba Award from State Government B. Radhika of II B.Sc H.Sc won Prarthiba Award from State Government for Poltehnic Ms. T. Jhansi Lakshmi , Faculty won Prarthiba Award from State Government for PG
15-10-2016 Sk.Aaisha, III BZC, 131719, j.Puspa Keerthi, IIIBZC, 131766 received Pratibha Awards from Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh at Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium , Vijayawada
15-10-2016 Mr. Venkat Ikkurthy, Senior SAS Programr and SAS Trainer Base and Advanced SAS Programming at Configer Consulting, Edison, New Jersey, Information Technology and Services gave nice talk on “ “ & Dr.R.Siva Rama Prasad,HOD of International Business Studies, HOD of Commerce & Management Studies Acharya Nagarjuna University gave talk on " Make in India - Startups" for Management Students.
16-10-2016 acted as a guest in the program organized by the M.L.A on the topic of awareness on mosquito eradication
17-10-2016 A guest lecture was organized for III students on Practical accountancy By Mr.Jagadeesh accounting solutions from Hyderabad.
17-10-2016 Seminar on “ Education Motivational” by A.R.Paulson Psychologist, Lecturer from Jangareddygudem & Mr. Prabhakar, Secretary of Set-well Youth Community for final BBM Students
21-10-2016 Oil fed palm oil factory and VAHYAN coffee ltd, pedavegi, All III students are participated
22-10-2016 Mrs.Y. Neeraja lecturer in Microbiology acted as judge for food festival recipe contest on all food varieties organized by Guntur Oxford school. And also acted as Guest of Honour in the Food festival program.
25-10-2016 On 25 th october 2016 Mr.G.Lakshmi Nagu lecturer in Multimedia presented a model lesson on “Designing Techniques ” using PhotoShop for all the faculty of our college at 2 pm inn multimedia center.
25-10-2016 to 26-10-2016 T-TIPS Committee organized a Model Class for all Staff whose Teaching Experience is Below 3yrs on “ Basics of Photoshop” by Mr. Lakshmi Nagu Sir Lecturer in Computer Science ; “ Sex Determination” by Dr.Mrs.R Indira Madam HOD Zoology Dept & “ Buddhism Life & Teachings of Gautam Buddha” by Mrs. D.Brahmeswari Madam HOD of Arts Dept.
29-10-2016 to 30-10-2016 Field trip to Hyderabad : The students of Mathematics ,Physics, Electronics and Computer combinations were taken to Hyderabad on 29th and 30th November 2016 accompanied by four faculty members. The students visited Nuclear fuel complex on 29th Nov and On 30th November students were taken to NRSC / ISRO , Balanagar .The students were also taken to different places of historical importance in Hyderabad like Salarjung Museum , Golconda Fort and Lumbini park.
31-10-2016 On 31st October the department of social sciences conducted a program on the occasion of national unity day. Mrs. Brahmeswari gave a talk on the process of national unity day and she explain life history and the role of Sri Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Mr.k. S.Prabhakara manager setwell youth service department gave a Guest lecture on this occasion importance of national unity .
1 Dr.Sr.Mercy P
02-11-2016 Final BBM students involved in Project Viva where Dr.R.Srinivas Rao Sir as External Examiner C.R.R. College Eluru, Mr.S.B.V.Subramanyam Sir Lecturer in Commerce Dept & Mrs.P.Poojitha Madam Lecturer in Mathematics & Statistics Dept as Internal Examiner came. Mrs.K.Hymavathi Madam Lecturer in Management Studies Guided the Final BBM Students. All II-BBA Students took-place in the Project-Viva.
02-11-2016 On 2nd November , the project viva was conducted for all final year students and students submitted project work
02-11-2016 P.Sowjanya, Dietician, District Government General Hospital, Eluru gave a Guest Lecture on role of Dietician in hospitals.
02-11-2016 External for Project Viva is P.Sowjanya, Dietician, District Government General Hospital, Eluru
04-11-2016 Staff & Students of Management Studies Dept. Attended the Regional Seminar on the topic “Securities Market & Common Man” organized by SEBI & BSE.
04-11-2016 A guest lecture was organized for III students on Business comunication and Interview skills By K.Naveen assistant manager ICFAI business school.
05-11-2016 All Management Staff & Students Collusion in Annual Mission Fete was Organized by Theresian Family where Rev.Fr.Amman Raju Garu Inaugurated the Fete
05-11-2016 Dr.K.Ramaneswari, HOD Dept. of Zoology & Dr.T.Hymavathi Dept of Maths from AKNU, Rajamahendravaram visited the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dept. as Inspection Committee from the University.
05-11-2016 To 19-11-2016 III B.Sc H.Sc students are undergoing Cottage Stay in two batches.
05-11-2016 Mission fete was organized in our college, dept of applied sciences staff and students participated actively by organising various stalls bloodgrouping, bp ,bmi, panipuri, chat,sweetcorn.
10-11-2016 A workshop was organized for final students on career development for commerce students with specific reference to CA By soma sundhara sai
11-11-2016 On 11th November the department organized national education day Mrs .D.Brahmeswari gave a talk on the life and contribution of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad . the staff and students paid homage to the first education minister of India
12-11-2016 All Management Staff & Students Participated in 14th Carlo Memorial Lecture was Celebrated by College Management where Kala Darsini Group from Vijayawada Performed Skit & Dance
14-11-2016 to 20-11-2016 The department accompanied girls to the district level competitions conducted by the District Library on the occasion of District Library week celebrations. The students participated in essay writing, elocution, painting and singing competitions and received prizes
14-11-2016 All II-BBA & I-MBA Students attended Workshop on “NRSC/ISRO BHUVAN Familiarization” organized by Physics & Electronics Dept.
15-11-2016 Mrs.M.K.Padmalatha Mam HOD P.G.English gave Guest Lecture on “Forms of Business Letters” for I-MBA Students
15-11-2016 By Dr.Indira HOD, Department of Microbiology.
17-11-2016 The students of Social work conducted one day program in the Govt.Boy’s children home (Juvenile home), Sanivarapu pet o occasion of Children’s Week Celebrations. Mrs.D.Brahmeswari, Ms.K.Naga mani. Sr. Anitha, Ms.S. Surekha were guide and support the students through out the program.
17-11-2016 The Ward students (III B.Sc MSCOMP) of Ms.S.Naga Durga Conducted an Extension Program with the title “Mathematics in Movie Animations”
17-11-2016 Dr.G.Jyothi gave a guest lecture on weighing process with different types of balances to II B.Sc clinical lab technology students
18-11-2016 Dr.Mrs.I.Annapurna Madam Reader P.G.Economics Judged the Students of Management Studies in Intra Departmental Debate Competition on “Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy”.
18-11-2016 lecturer in nutrition gave talk on nutrition for preschoolers to siddartha(sidvi elphins) preschoolers parents
19-11-2016 Mr. Guru Murthy garu AGM Andhra Bank, Eluru gave a Guest Lecture on “ Startup India: How India is Turning into a Startup Nation” on the eve of 107th Peter F. Drucker Father of Modern Management was celebrated by Management Studies Dept.
20-11-2016 From 14-11-2016 to 20-11-2016 Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha Competitions was conducted by District Library where P.Sharon of II-BBA Captured First in Drawing Competition & P.Priyanka of I-BBA Captured Third in Essay Writing Competition.
22-11-2016 By Dr.N.Nagavardhanam, HOD Department of Botany
22-11-2016 to 24-11-2016 Department of Mathematics organized a Three Day Workshop on Skill Development (Communication Skils, Technical Skills & Analytical Skills) for all the Final Year Mathematics Students. The Resource Persons were Mrs.C.Buela Sharon-Soft Skills Trainer, Mrs.Varalakshmi- Aptitude & Soft Skills Trainer,Mr.Y.Sunil Guptha-Senior Aptitude Trainer and Mr.Kiran Kumar-Soft Skills Trainer, about 250 Students were benefitted through this program
23-11-2016 Staff & Students of Management Studies visited SriLanka on an Educational Tour from 21st-27th Nov, 2016. Sr. D’Mello P.G.Directress, Dr.A.U.Durga Devi HOD, Mrs.Santosh Jhawar, Mrs.K.Hymavathi Lectures and 6 students from both MBA & BBM attended the 5th Annual International Research Conference, 2016 on “Value Addition through Evidence Based Innovation from Management Sciences to Society” on 23rd Nov,2016. The Staff & Students Presented papers in the Technical Session. A MOU was exchanged between the departments of management studies of “South Eastern University of Srilanka, Oluvil” & “Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s College For Women, Eluru” for conducting Exchange & Research Programs.
23-11-2016 The department of politics conducted a panel discussion on Demonetization and its effects
24-11-2016 The department of politics organized an awareness program on voter enrollment among student in the department . vro of eluru Mrs. Parlimala , miss jhansi and Mrs . Jhansi Lakshmi , Mrs. D. Brahmeawari ,Mrs. R. Chittemma , Miss .Y.Sailaja spoke on the occasion .
26-11-2016 On 26th October IQAC organize model lesson for junior staff Mrs. D.Brahmeswari gave a talk on ‘BADDHIS LIFE AND TEACHING OF GUATHAM BUDDI “ she explain buddies life history .
26-11-2016 The department of politics conducted elocution competition on the occasion of constitutional day
29-11-2016 Dr.G.Jyothi,Mrs.T.RohiniKumari and Dr.V.Naga Lakshmi accompanied the students of III B.Sc students to an industrial trip to WANBURY ltd K.Illendraparu near Tanuku.
30-11-2016 15 students of social work participated in the essay writing competition in the st. josephi dental college , Duggirala on the occasion of world AIDS day the topic was “ effective approaches and policies to eradication AIDS in the society . Miss . S.Surekha lecturer in social work accompanied the students
6-12-2016 Pre review committee visited the department
06-12-2016 Sr. Sunila Rani Controller of Examinations , Mrs.D.Brahmeswari Madam HOD of Arts, Dr.Mrs.C.Satya Devi Madam HOD of Commerce came for the Pre-Review of the Departmental Activities for Autonomy Review.
08-12-2016 & 09-12-2016 Dr.Purbi Panwar Retd.Principal, Dr.Samrajyam Lakshmi Coordinating Officer UGC, Sr.Sunila Rani Controller of Examinations,Mrs. Padmaja Madam HOD of PG.Nutrition came for the Review of the Departmental Activities for Autonomy Review.
8-12-2016 Autonomy review committee visited the department By K.Samrajya lakshmi
9-12-2016 on 9th December the students participated in essay writing competition on the topic ‘SAY NO TO CORRUPTION Anti Corruption bureau – essay writing competition : ON 9TH the department of anti corruption bureau , “ international Anti – corruption week from
13-12-2016 ON 13TH December department organized set well were conducted in the college in the areas of folk group dance, group folk singing, solo classical dance, solo classical singing, solo folk singing, drama competition,(one Act Play), solo folk and extempore. The college students bagged prizes in solo singing and solo classical Solo singing first prize : B.K Sindhu III B.SC MBN Solo classical first prize : I. Nikitha
13-12-2016 Sri.P.Rama Krishnam Raju, M.Com,M.Phil Principal,DNR College, Bhimavaram & Various Departments Heads came for Departmental Meeting.
15-12-2016 On 15th December department organized a guest lecture and an interaction session by two Itallian Students who came to do project on Indian Culture.. they are from Madrid, Italy. They, Joseph and Christine are perspective international students of management. Both explained about Itallian culture and history. Members of the department both faculty and students were present for the program.
16-12-2016 On 16th December Mother Francesca Sarcia and her secretary Sr Marcia Lobo visited the department and spoke about the responsibilities of staff and students. She expressed her happiness about the college and working of the staff
17-12-2016 On 17th December AICUF Club organized crib competitions department received third prize
21-12-2016 Knowledge Plaza 2k16 was organized by the Dept of Management Studies.The students managed stalls where they displayed products and services for sale. It helped them to learn the marketing and communication skills.
22-12-2016 the ward students (III BSc MP COMP) of Mrs.P.Poojitha conducted an Extension Program with the title “Maths in Dance”.
22-12-2016 Dr.K.L.Saraswathi Devi delivered a Guest Lecture on the eve of National Mathematics Day Celebrations at Sri Ramachandra College of Engineering,Eluru.
23-12-2016 To 24-12-2016 On 23rd and 24th students participated in state level set well competitions students got the first prize in the Drama Competition and college was selected for national level competitions which will be held in Haryana on 12th January 2017.
29-12-2016 On 29th December a guest lecture was organized Mrs . Bagalakshmi reader and retired head of the department of Telugu spoke on customs, traditions and culture of India Her talk was followed by an interaction session
03-01-2017 Mr.D.Lokesh has attended the seminar on “Training of Trainees (TOT) on Tally ERP 9.0” organized by APSSDC(Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Centre ) at Sri Vasavi Engineering College Tadepalligudem
04-01-2017 Mrs.N.Sarada and Mrs.P.Lakshmi Prasanna attended National level seminar on “Innovative Research in food and commercial crops for their sustainability and challenges” organized by department of Botany, Nutrition and Research wing.
04-01-2017 To 05-01-2017 On 4 th and 5th January 2017 a National seminar on “innovative Research in Food and commercial crops for their sustainability and challenges "was organized by department of Botany. department members who attended the national seminar are Mrs.D.Brahmeswari , Mrs .P.Ratna Mary , Mrs. G.M.R.Josephine Mrs R .Chittemma and Miss Y.Sailaja. Dr. P. Ratna Mary paper presented on “ Food security in india - few issues “
05-01-2017 On 5th January Academic Audit committee visited the department and appreciated the hard work done by the staff and students under Autonomy
05-01-2017 A team of experts visited the Department for audit review.The team comprised of Dr. Srirangam Mathews, Andhra Loyola College, Dr. A.Venkateswara Rao, SKBR Degree College, Dr. E. Vara Prasad, KBN College.
09-01-2017 Students and staff participated in a One Day Workshop on” International Studies-a Pathway to Career Abroad”.Mrs. Santosh Jhawar coordinated as Liaison officer for the inaugural of Center for International Studies.
09-01-2017 Dr. G.V.Shankar. Founding Director,NASS Technical Consulting Services & Global Connect, Canada &Mrs. Anne Fernandes delivered lecture to the students on “Job Prospects Abroad”
10-01-2017 On 10th January sports day prize distribution to the students was conducted and arts students received many prizes. Arts students received third prize in overall championship
18-01-2017 to 27-01-2017 Skill development training programs conducted by NCC for the college students on various skills like screen printing, Decorative items with papers, Making of detergent powder and Pain balm, Glass Painting, Fabric Painting etc.
28-01-2017 64th College day celebrations held in the college from evening 4 p.m. Chief Guest - Dr.Y.V.N. Krishna Murthy,  Director, NRSC/ISRO, Hyderabad, Guest of Honour: Mrs.K.Amba Ramaswary, Principal, Shantiniketan Women's College, Hyderabad, President: Rev.Sr.Ernestine Fernandes, Correspondent, Ch.S.D.St.Theresa's(A)College for Women, Eluru.
03-02-2017 to 04-02-2017 Two days International Conference was conducted by the Department of Management. Inaugurated by Prof.M.Mutyalu Naidu , Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajamahendravaram. Keynote Address by Dr.S.Gunapalan , Dean FMC, South Eastren University of Srilanka.
09-02-2017 C.P.O (Community Police Officer) awareness program conducted II Town Police Station S.I. Sri. Bangarraju.
09-02-2017 IELTS workshop conducted by Mr. Chandra Sekharao, to aware the students about IELTS exam to study or work in foreign countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand etc.