The department of Social sciences was started with PUC course along with the establishment of the college with 8 students on 5TH July 1953 . The foundation for the department was laid by Mrs. Savithri , Mrs. D’Souja, miss Daisy and Miss Tankamma. In 1958 B.A, HEP, Was started. In 1971 Psychology and social work and post graduate department of economics were introduced Sr. Graziana , Sr. Winifred , Mrs. Devayani , chitrpu Lakshmi, Miss Raghavarani and Mrs. Swarnalatha were some of the lecturers of past journey , who guided the students towards academic excellence . Name Designation Qualification Years of service Specialization Photo
1 Mrs.D.Brahmeswari Head of the department M.A.(History), M.A.(Politics), MPhil 37 HISTORY
2 Dr.P.Ratna Mary Lecturer M.A (HIS & POL), M.Phil T 26y HISTORY
3 Dr.Sr.Marietta D’Mello lecturer M.A.,M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. 25 Psychology
4 G.M.R. Josephine lecturer M.A., B.Ed. 20 Psychology
6 G.M.VIJAYA RATNA KUMARI lecturer MA History,MA Politics,M Phil 11 History
7 Y.SAILAJA lecturer M.A ( public administration ) 4 political sciences
8 K. Nagamani Lecture M.A, B.Ed 3 Economics
9 Seelam Surekha lecturer M.A. 1 Social Work

Mrs.D.Brahmeswari has done two minor research projects.

  • 1. Sakthi cult( Village Goddess Worship in Andhra Pradesh with special reference to west Godavari District 2005-2007
  • 2. Pancharamas, Historical and Sociological perspective 2012-14
  • 3. Mrs. Brahmeswari completed her minor research project on “PANCHARAMAS-Historical and Sociological Perspective”and presented it to the Principal.
  • Pre marital counseling,18-7-2014
  • Strengths and Challenges of State Reorganisation-with special reference to Andhra Pradesh, 6-9-2014
  • Memory-techniques of improvement, 17-12-2014
  • The department of History conducted one certificate course in tourism and travel management for 2012-13, 13-14 batches.
  • . The department is conducted Yoga certificate course since 2013, that is for 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 batches and it will be continued in future also
  • Mrs. R. Chittemma received best NSS programme officers 2012 in district level
  • Mrs. L. Balamma received best NSS programme officer 2012 in state level

1. The department conducted a field trip to pattepuram and visited Sri Chintalapati Murthy Raju gari Gandhi Museum

  • 1. ON 30 October the department of social sciences conducted a field trip visited buddha park near gajjela vari cheruvu in Eluru.
  • 2. On 31st October 2015 the department conducted a field trip to the exhibition of holy land in pinakadimi Eluru
  • On 17th February 2017 final year students were taken to a field trip to Buddhist caves at Jeelakaragudem . Jeelakarra gudem is an ancient monastery which was on the way between Eluru to Jangaredddy Gudem. The site belonged to ist century A.D. once upon a time there used to be a very big monastery with stupas, viharas and rock cut caves. Even today we can feel the vibrations of the meditation and sadhana conducted by Buddhist monks. The site stands as a testimony for the spiritual and social life of andhras 2000 years back.they are known as guntupalli guhalu.
  • Azadi 70–yaad karo Qurbani -16-8-2016 to 23-8-2016 .
  • Leadership camp training programme
  • Leadership training camp Aug 24th and 25th 2015.
  • Community services :The department of Social Sciences has inaugurated an innovative programme of Community Service for all the final year BA students from 17th October to 27th October 2016. Two schoolswere selected for the community service visits for the students. The Venkata Maruthi Elementary Primary School of Ameenapet, Asoknagar and Special Nagara Palika Pradhamika Pathasala of reserve police line were selected as target units. In the Ameenapet School 45 Children are studying and in the Police line school 65 children are studying in the age groups of 5 to 10 years. The school head master and head mistress of both schools welcomed the initiate taken by the department of social sciences, Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s Autonomous College for Women. The students every day approached the children and inquired about the social and economic background of the students, taught them Telugu and English rhymes, explained some lessons, conducted games, motivated the children to compete with one another in studies, told stories of moral value and prepared some models so that they can be used by the teachers in explaining lessons. The college students conducted Yoga training classes for the children. In the police line primary school children who are differently abled were identified and special attention was shown towards them. College students were accompanied by the staff members all the ten days and on the valedictory that is on 27-10-2016 the faculty of the department participated in the programme organized by the students. The community service programme created awareness about social responsibility, among students. The staff and students were appreciated by the management for the trouble taken by the department in conducting programm .
  • Social welfareInaugural:30-7-2016:The department of social sciences is extending to the needs of the community. The members interacted with the students of welfare hostels to know about the problems. On the occasion of inauguration Sr. Marietta De mello gave a talk on righteous behaviour for a student. Mrs. D. Brahmeswari spoke on personality development and assured the students that counseling will be done in the cases of need and inspired the students to be open to discuss the matter. The department of social sciences faculty participated in the programme
  • Water's Day Water enrolment program
  • 10 CLASS ROOMS , I Psychology LAB
  • Laptop
  • CD, PPT , printer
  • December the 19th December. On 13 Mrs. Bhagya Lakshmi Gave a talk on Importance of our Indian culture and tradition.
  • On 15th December Essay writing and elocution competetions were conducted. Singing of group and solo of patriatic songs was organized
  • On 16th mehendi competition was also conducted
  • On 17th December Sri Subhas conducted a work shop on memory improvement techniques for students
  • On 18th competetions were conducted in traditional dress and hair 7. styles
  • On 19th the ethnic week celebrations came to a close with the valedictory in which Dr.Sr.Mercy, Principal, Sr.Ursula Samineni Superior and Correspondent and Sr.Graziana, dean of P.G.Courses addressed the gathering and grandparents were honoured on that day. The department Christmas was also celebrated
  • Deevana II B.A HEP EM got first prize , T. Sundari III B.A HEP TM got second prize , P. Jaya III .B.A HEP EM
Prathibha awards
  • 1. Sunkara ROJA B.A HEP TM
  • 2. Merugu VASANTHI B.A HEP EM